Above & Beyond are reowned within the electronic dance arena for being cutting edge across digital channels.  A&B lead the way publishing weekly podcasts, quickly Tiesto, van-buuren, and other big names followed suit in a bid to catch up to the hype that A&B’s #TATW (Trance Around the World) produces across all social engines.  Their #TATW hashtag often trends on Twitter and currently they have 516k fans on Facebook – not bad for a group that the majority of non-trance fans reading this blog won’t have heard of.

Their latest move has been to promote their latest album by pre-releasing the tracks – nothing new there you might say, many artists now do this and also some release the full tracks for free.  The difference here is the mechanics behind the delivery, focussing on social sharing and driving multiple visits.

Here’s how the campaign worked…. Previews of all the tracks were released as ‘locked’, by clicking on a certain track ‘unlocked’ the track for listen, but only a small duration to start with.  By sharing the via a ‘Like’ on your Facebook wall increased the progress bar releasing more of the track at certain points.  It’s only when there is a certain amount of ‘likes’ or ‘tweets’ that the full 2mins preview of the track is opened up for listening.  The exercise also allows A&B to gauge which tracks might be most suitable for release as singles through monitoring initial popularity and comments.

“The more people unlock and share the songs, the sooner The Hub will exclusively reveal extended versions of the clips”

Below is a screenshot of the campaign in action: