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McDonald's Pick n Play – Interactive Bill-Board Game

Following on from my post back in March on Cornetto Turkey using an interactive game projected on the side of a building, McDonalds have followed suit with the launch recently of an interactive bill-board over in Stockholm, Sweden.  The essence of the campaign is similar, to play a game on the interactive bill-board via your mobile phone, and win a McDonalds voucher that can be redeemed in the nearby restaurant. Audience wise the campaign is right on cue targeting the younger, trendy demographic with smart-phones; the approach also offers direct ROI, ensuring consumers enter the restaurant who will inherently buy additional items.

Technology wise again its driven via a mobile web page allowing access via different smart phones overcoming the need to download an app to participate.  For such a campaign aimed at a short, 30 second engagement this approach is perfect and offers the consumer a reward at the end.

Check out the video below, looks to be really nicely executed:



Never forget a nightout with Lynx Stream app..


Last week the Unilever Lynx team launched a fantastic new application called ‘Lynx Stream’ – if like me you suffer from alcohol induced amnesia then this could be a great addition to your iPhone or Android!

Developed by Razorfish London, the Lynx Stream is an app that collates all of your social activities from a night out from location check-ins to status updates to uploaded pictures. It is heavily integrated with the Facebook platform using ‘Places’ for check-ins, Status Updates and Picture/Video uploads. Cooly it also creates at the click of a button a summary video at the end of the night that can shared!

The app is obviously completely in tune with the brand message for Lynx and its audience demographic. Referencing a previous post from back in Nov’10, 2010 – Year of the Mobile!?, where I picked out three attributes that an app should exhibit to ensure its not a ‘one use wonder’ – For me this one ticks all three boxes!

1. Does the app reward the user enough to ensure that they will use it multiple times?

DEFINITELY! Especially for Lynx’s ‘millennials’ who constantly share everything on social platforms like Facebook. The added value here also is the auto-creation of a video at the end of the night that can be easily shared.

2. Is there a sufficient business case for creating the app – will it drive increased brand loyalty, market share or interaction with the brand?

There’s an argument here around whether this app will sell more cans of Lynx, i’m not completely convinced – although i was impressed to see the Africa theme included, my favourite when I was of the Lynx age. So sales might not increase dramatically but for Brand Loyalty, Interaction and the immense hype generated in Social channels the Lynx team are onto a winner.

3. Does the app fit with the products brand key?

Perfectly – I don’t think I need to say anymore here..


Check it out below, and download the app from here:


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