Following on from my post back in March on Cornetto Turkey using an interactive game projected on the side of a building, McDonalds have followed suit with the launch recently of an interactive bill-board over in Stockholm, Sweden.  The essence of the campaign is similar, to play a game on the interactive bill-board via your mobile phone, and win a McDonalds voucher that can be redeemed in the nearby restaurant. Audience wise the campaign is right on cue targeting the younger, trendy demographic with smart-phones; the approach also offers direct ROI, ensuring consumers enter the restaurant who will inherently buy additional items.

Technology wise again its driven via a mobile web page allowing access via different smart phones overcoming the need to download an app to participate.  For such a campaign aimed at a short, 30 second engagement this approach is perfect and offers the consumer a reward at the end.

Check out the video below, looks to be really nicely executed: