Traditional paid search and banner advertising is great for call to action campaigns, such as a loan application, but not ideal for non-transactional brands.  The main objectives for most non-transactional Consumer Goods brands (such as Lynx, Dove, Flora) are to build Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, encourage Interaction and generate Buzz.

Google have recently launched a ‘Watch this Space’ campaign within Adwords demonstrating their vision for the future of Display Advertising and how it will overtake web, outdoor and print advertising.  Within this series of videos Google announces Google Display Network, which effectively is the serving of Rich Media advertisements across 1million+ sites within the Google/YouTube network.

So what does this mean?

Introducing Rich Media Ads, in various shapes and sizes, across Google’s wide network of sites gives Brand Marketers a more suitable option to the traditional text-based Google Adwords Ads.  Rich Media Ads can be targeted and customised much easier than traditional flash based banner ads and offer engaging content such as video’s, social connections, polls, etc.  The result of this interaction is increased engagement with the Brand, helping to drive awareness and loyalty.  The Ads can also be dynamically customised to each user, therefore increasing relevance and the chance of interaction (reported to increase 5% by having a rich media ad).

Benjamin Faes, Head of Youtube & Google Display (EMEA), spoke last week at Adtech, London on this topic and his vision of the future. The synopsis of his talk is below:

“It wasn’t long ago that display advertising was synonymous with fairly unexciting banner ads.  It was an ugly stepsister… unloved and largely ignored. It’s a little better today but… lookout ahead!  Display ads will enable all the creativity of sight, sound and motion, matched with precision, targeting and customization, across any audience, on any device around the world

…this is the display advertising world that Google sees emerging”

Benjamin also went on highlight 5 key themes for the Digital Revolution coming in display advertising space:

  1. Increased Media Fragmentation.
  2. Creativity at scale is key for ROI.
  3. Opportunity that Video brings us (Its estimated in 2013 that 96% of internet bandwidth will be for video).
  4. Improvement in measurements across multiple campaigns.
  5. The Social Web will further expand, word of mouth will continue to grow in importance.

Some of the facts, in summary:

The Measurement tab video has some interesting statements, stating that it’s not just about the actual click (only 1/3 user click Display Ads) when the Ad is displayed, it’s the after affect ‘buzz’ it creates:

–          1:5 people who see a Display Ad make related searches around the advertised Brand afterwards.

–          1:3 visit the Brands site after seeing a Display Ad about a Brand.

Benefits can be seen for up to month after the campaign!


Within the series of videos, Google also goes on to cover how they are synergising all their online marketing channel performance into the Campaign Insights tool.  This then paves the way for holistic brand studies to be performed quickly, and gives the ability to automatically serve display ads based on real-time campaign performance data.


Nike’s Brand ‘Jordan’ example gives further evidence of how Display Networks can work for non-transactional consumer brands.

Tipp-Ex – A Hunter Shoots a Bear: This Ad uses a new type of YouTube interactive video.  A boring product with great creative, using rich media:

‘Watch this space’ it looks like Google will be announcing something big in the coming weeks.