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Redefining Industries through XD

Great example of how XD or eXperience Design can redefine (potentially) an industry.  In this example from agency Fi, taking on the airline industry by redefining the experience of booking travel.

Is this the future of airline travel bookings? I hope so…



Fantastic video on Interaction Design / User Experience / product design sponsored by Microsoft

Watch, learn, absorb.. And consider the points made when tackling your next project

Gong xi fa cai!

Chinese or Lunar New Year in Asia is equivalent to the Christmas festivities back in the UK, weeks of preparation buying decorations, food and presents for loved ones, culminating in a family meal on the first day of the new year (this year Sunday 10th Feb).  Everything shuts down over the long weekend (apart from expat bars!) and most native Chinese head back to China for the weeks celebrations.

The pics below are of exploring Chinatown the day before the new year celebrations, the busiest day for buying last minute items, followed by the new year count down on Eu Tong Sen St.

[slickr-flickr tag=”CNY-2013″]


Cookie’s all-round for the Oreo team at W+K – looks like they have stolen the #brandbowl social media limelight with two great real-time engagement examples

‘Cookie or Creme?’
Following a whisper fight TVC showing absolute carnage from people ‘quietly’ arguing about whether it’s ‘cookie’ or ‘creme’ there is a sole CTA at the end of the 30-sec spot asking people to post on Instagram their preference.  This builds on a social insight gathered from their 32million Facebook Fans that routinely discuss this question.

The team then in real-time are remaking the pictures from either ‘cookie’ or ‘creme’ (awesome!), photographing them and posting directly onto their official Instagram feed (

So far this looks to be the biggest winner of this years #brandbowl showing huge growth in Instagram follower numbers – mashable quoting that it has seen growth from 2,200 to 35k+ instagram fans since airing! 

‘You can still dunk in the dark’
And it gets better, as this couldn’t have been planned – Capitalising on the black-out during the third-quarter the Oreo team were quick to jump on the opportunity, posting the below picture on Twitter – brilliant!

13.5k RT’s says it all


Creating Experiences Vs Storytelling – Heineken | Star Player

This from Heineken and AKQA optimizes the future of brand advertising online.  I’ve just been reading an article on the evolution of an idea ( and got directed to this example.

The crux of the (very good) article above is that brands/agencies need to change their mindset to be set on creating useful, enjoyable experiences rather than just ‘storytelling’.  Storytelling is focussed on forging an emotional connection with a brand over-time – by creating an experiential and functional connection you super-charge that process and actual give your ‘fan’ something meaningful rather than just a feel-good moment.

“Be in the game” is a cross platform integrated experience sitting across mobile, web, social; gamifying the 2nd-screen football watching experience.  The idea builds on the insight that 65% of home-watching spectators of football do-so with a 2nd screen in front of them.

This idea is from 2011 – just showing how far ahead the thinking is at AKQA.

Social Media Revolution (v4) 2012

Same Fat Boy Slim ‘right here, right now’ (which i’m glad about!) – updated stats for 2012.

> 97% of Pinterest fans are FEMALE
> 53% of people on Twitter recommend products in their Tweets
> 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations VS. 14% trust in advertisements

To really show the power of social, this stat is great > ‘New Yorkers saw Tweets about an east-coast earthquake 30 Secs before they felt it’.  Real Time Marketing right ther

Shoes about town – BG Shoes

Great example of using Instagram’s API to publish fan shared photo in a more engaging way.  Driving photo creation and sharing for the brand, whilst using the geo-location features of Instagram.  Love the creative styling too.

Those photographed will appear on our interactive map of shoe fanaticism and may even find a place on the walls of our store.

The mechanic is simple like most Instagram initiatives – post your picture and tag it with the hashtag #BGShoes, and wait for it to appear on the map.  As an incentive there is a chance that your picture will appear on one of the BG Shoes stores walls.


In bed with Uniqlo

I downloaded this app back in July’12, and haven’t stopped using it since!  To the extent where I now hate the traditional iPhone alarm wake-up experience – it leaves me subconsciously asking where my daily soothing wake-up song and weather report is?  I feel cheated..

Result for Uniqlo – they have got me!  They are in my life every day, sat next to be bed all night, are the last thing I see when I go to sleep and first thing that I see when I wake-up each morning.  Putting it even ahead Facebook!

Does it make me buy Uniqlo clothes you may ask?  Well, it has definitely increased favourability for the brand – I found myself only a few days ago in one of Singapore’s leading shopping centres surrounded by every luxurious brand you can think of, walking into Uniqlo.  I didn’t purchase, this time, but i definitely felt an affinity with the store and clothing range.  One that I don’t find for similiar retailers such as H&M.

I’ve since looked into Uniqlo’s marketing brand strategy, and was surprised to learn that they have no BIG brand message, but are ‘selling a lifestyle’ to their target market through unrelated campaigns connecting to an overarching ideal.  This very much aligns with Nike’s recent strategy of no one big-bang campaign idea but a digital playbook of related activities which all fit a certain pattern and message.

This is a great example of a brand integrating into the everyday lives of people – I wonder if they have thought of a Wake-up 2.0 which has an outfit recommendation engine built-in aligned with the weather and temperature?  Would a bit more brand content stop me using it, probably not.  Would it increase my chance of purchasing next time i visit the store – probably yes.

One small request I would have, if someone from Uniqlo happens to read this, is they update the app with a new recording for the number ‘7’.  Currently it says what sounds like ‘one-thirty’ (7:30) every morning.  ..and I still put up with it 😉

Link to the app –

Square and Passbook fight it out for Starbuck's mPayment

Starbucks - Passbook and Square fight it out for mPayment

Hot off my post yesterday about ‘Loyalty being mPayments best friend‘ I have just read an article detailing Starbuck’s plans to integrate both Square and Passbook into its payment infrastructure.

Interesting point in the last paragraph which backs up my point some-what:

Awesome. And this is just the confusion which iOS users will face, due to Apple Passbook. On Android, there are other issues surrounding mobile payment confusion. (Google Wallet, anyone)? It’s good to have choices, but for mobile payments to ever really take root, consumers need consistency. Square, thanks to its cross-platform support, has the potential to offer that consistency. But if a business like Starbucks wants to helpfully support both of its mobile payment early adopter customer bases instead of forcing app users to migrate to Square when the Square integrations are complete, then they’re not actually helping consumers or the mobile payments ecosystem as a whole. With mobile payments, multiple options is OK to a point. But two options that will (eventually) do the exact same thing isn’t helping anyone.

Read the full article:

It will be interesting to see how this trial develops.


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