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Former MySpace CEO explains Facebook’s brilliant strategy to avoid disruption

“Products that rely primarily on utility to drive engagement stay in fashion far longer than those that rely on entertainment”


Singapore F1 2013

Friday’s practice session pictures. Still amazes me how this Grand Prix track is literally cut into the city centre of Singapore



Singapore’s iconic Fullerton Hotel in the background


View down onto turn 1,2 from Suntec


Cornetto Brand ‘Scoops’ Best Mobile-Marketing Campaign of 2010

Like This!


Great to see that Unilever’s Cornetto campaign in Turkey has won the best Mobile-Marketing campaign for 2010 at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards.

The campaign was based around a game using an interactive wall projection system.  The game took over the side of a building in one of Istanbul’s busiest squares (Taksim).  To take part in the game anyone with a phone could call a number and using their keypad control a character within the game.  The intention being to collect 3 Cornetto’s to win a free-icecream redeemable on the spot.  Five players could play against each other racing to collect the Cornetto’s creating a real sense of competition and fun.  The campaign was also integrated with Digital touch-screens placed around the square.

Exposure was huge over the 2 week campaign with 3 million people viewing the game and over 3,500 players!

Objectives stated by the Unilever Cornetto Brand Building Manager in Turkey were:

– To pioneer new innovations in new media usage.

– To become a brand that people talk about.

– To be the most appealing teen food brand in Turkey

They certainly achieved the first two, and I am sure they are on the way to hitting the last one off the back of this event!

One of the judges on the GSMA Global Mobile Awards panel highlighted that:

“The campaign was designed to engage young ice-cream eaters and included SMS, PR, interactive outdoor and promotional marketing.”

Kathryn Koegel –]

For me it is fantastic to see Brands using New Media innovations that don’t revolve around Apps and Smartphones.  This campaign created fantastic buzz around the city of Istanbul, brought families and friends together of all ages and drove amazing Brand awareness for Cornetto! Fantastic!

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