This from Heineken and AKQA optimizes the future of brand advertising online.  I’ve just been reading an article on the evolution of an idea ( and got directed to this example.

The crux of the (very good) article above is that brands/agencies need to change their mindset to be set on creating useful, enjoyable experiences rather than just ‘storytelling’.  Storytelling is focussed on forging an emotional connection with a brand over-time – by creating an experiential and functional connection you super-charge that process and actual give your ‘fan’ something meaningful rather than just a feel-good moment.

“Be in the game” is a cross platform integrated experience sitting across mobile, web, social; gamifying the 2nd-screen football watching experience.  The idea builds on the insight that 65% of home-watching spectators of football do-so with a 2nd screen in front of them.

This idea is from 2011 – just showing how far ahead the thinking is at AKQA.