I downloaded this app back in July’12, and haven’t stopped using it since!  To the extent where I now hate the traditional iPhone alarm wake-up experience – it leaves me subconsciously asking where my daily soothing wake-up song and weather report is?  I feel cheated..

Result for Uniqlo – they have got me!  They are in my life every day, sat next to be bed all night, are the last thing I see when I go to sleep and first thing that I see when I wake-up each morning.  Putting it even ahead Facebook!

Does it make me buy Uniqlo clothes you may ask?  Well, it has definitely increased favourability for the brand – I found myself only a few days ago in one of Singapore’s leading shopping centres surrounded by every luxurious brand you can think of, walking into Uniqlo.  I didn’t purchase, this time, but i definitely felt an affinity with the store and clothing range.  One that I don’t find for similiar retailers such as H&M.

I’ve since looked into Uniqlo’s marketing brand strategy, and was surprised to learn that they have no BIG brand message, but are ‘selling a lifestyle’ to their target market through unrelated campaigns connecting to an overarching ideal.  This very much aligns with Nike’s recent strategy of no one big-bang campaign idea but a digital playbook of related activities which all fit a certain pattern and message.

This is a great example of a brand integrating into the everyday lives of people – I wonder if they have thought of a Wake-up 2.0 which has an outfit recommendation engine built-in aligned with the weather and temperature?  Would a bit more brand content stop me using it, probably not.  Would it increase my chance of purchasing next time i visit the store – probably yes.

One small request I would have, if someone from Uniqlo happens to read this, is they update the app with a new recording for the number ‘7’.  Currently it says what sounds like ‘one-thirty’ (7:30) every morning.  ..and I still put up with it 😉

Link to the app – https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/uniqlo-wake-up/id515839388?mt=8