Starbucks - Passbook and Square fight it out for mPayment

Hot off my post yesterday about ‘Loyalty being mPayments best friend‘ I have just read an article detailing Starbuck’s plans to integrate both Square and Passbook into its payment infrastructure.

Interesting point in the last paragraph which backs up my point some-what:

Awesome. And this is just the confusion which iOS users will face, due to Apple Passbook. On Android, there are other issues surrounding mobile payment confusion. (Google Wallet, anyone)? It’s good to have choices, but for mobile payments to ever really take root, consumers need consistency. Square, thanks to its cross-platform support, has the potential to offer that consistency. But if a business like Starbucks wants to helpfully support both of its mobile payment early adopter customer bases instead of forcing app users to migrate to Square when the Square integrations are complete, then they’re not actually helping consumers or the mobile payments ecosystem as a whole. With mobile payments, multiple options is OK to a point. But two options that will (eventually) do the exact same thing isn’t helping anyone.

Read the full article:

It will be interesting to see how this trial develops.