Love this idea! A couple of years back I read about the Soccket soccer ball and was blown away by the innovation.  A mechanism within a standard football that generates a small amount of electricity when kicked about during the day; the energy can then used to power an LED light for when it goes dark replacing dangerous kerosene lamps.  Effectively generating electricity from everyday fun – brilliant!

Well The Ludo has just been released, and is the Developed World’s alternative – a way for those who have everything they need and more to help others in a fun way.  Instead of the football containing a kinetic device to generate energy on the go, the Ludo has a microchip which tracks the balls movement throughout the day – think of it as a Nike Fuel band for Footballs! Logging onto an online portal allows you to see how many points you have generated, AND choose a project (within the developing world) which gets your points.  Points are then donated in the form of money generated from the revenue created from the sale of the balls ($59.99) and corporate sponsors.  The portal also offers ways of seeing where your donation has added-value with updates on projects which you have sponsored – this 360deg update of information for me is key for future social-good initiatives and ensures longevity of initiatives.

What a really great blend of social giving innovation and technology enablement!

Check-out the video below –

Log onto and sign-up for the Beta!

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