Check out the 2nd release of the Magnum Pleasurehunt game series –

This year they have upped the game and advanced it along with technology developments delivering a ‘streetview’ 3D driven game – travelling through some of the world’s best Cities, beaches and shopping stores. The game has been delivered in partnership with Bing-Maps and is a great showcase of how mashing up a familiar interface such as streetview can create a really engaging gaming environment.  Again there’s really nice use of Brand partnerships –from surfing on a quicksilver board in Rio to spraying perfume in a Paris Bvlgari store.


In this AdAge article Unilever also state that they are going to launch a series of local physical events in correlation to the game lending the series to create real-world engagement aswell as online.

This year, Unilever also will add a local events — a real-world augmented-reality version of the Pleasure Hunt game in the streets of Amsterdam on April 22.


Also, what is interesting is that no money changed hands between partners – it was purely for increasing engagement levels and Brand exposure! Nice model if you can get it!

Check-out the video below: