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Givey from Fix the Sky Productions on Vimeo.

The founder of Givey presented at yesterday’s TEDx in Manchester – Givey is a service that allows real-time, easy donations through common everyday social interfaces such as Mobile (Apps, SMS), Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s based on an API model so allows the ability for other businesses to use the platform for their Giving solutions.

The aims of Givey are to encourage new and existing donors to interact with and give to their favourite charities in a convenient on going way…rather than just one off. More innovatively however the service allows you to build a Givey Profile of giving history and share your personal causes publicly across your networks. The service taps into social insights that individuals like being part of communities with similar missions and ‘feel good’ kudos for sharing your social good initiatives.

The service is in its early stages, however from conversations with @daveerasmus after the event I expect it to take off pretty quickly.  Personally I think it’s perfect timing to launch a service like this as smarter mobiles become cheaper therefore making them more obtainable in non western world countries; opening up the chance of Giving to billions of people who may be directly connected to the causes they wish to support.

Imagine if every tweet you sent you donated $5c to your charity of choice by just including a simple #tag – imagine then if several hundred of your followers also started supporting that charity? And then several hundred of their followers… you get the picture.
This is the power of social technologies and the Givey platform.


6th March 2012: The video from the event: