I saw this campaign a couple of months back and its stuck in my mind ever since…just not had chance to add it to my blog!  Its a great example of linking tweet hashtag aggregation with geolocation delivering a dynamic campaign driven by user interaction.

The campaign was to advertise the launch of the new VW Fox in Brazil.  The target market demographics being young/trendy  so they partnered with the organisers of the Planaterra music festival in Sao Paulo and created a treasure hunt across the city to win tickets!

The tickets were pinned onto a zoomed out map of Sao Paulo and a Tweet Race was started using the hashtag #foxatplanetaterra.  The more tweets containing the hashtag the closer the map zoomed into the specific location of the tickets.  Once the tickets were found then another Race started with a new location – This went on for four days making #foxatplanetaterra trend in Sao Paulo.

Overall very nicely delivered in a dynamic way keeping people engaged and the hype up throughout. What a fantastic way of getting thousands of people talking about your brand..

Watch the video overview below: