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Interesting week in the world of digital technology; amongst other things I have spent the week meeting various people about tech innovations – two standout, very different, innovations are summarised below.


Amnesia Connect – MS Surface & Apple

“Imagine if you could drag things to and from your smartphone or tablet with a single gesture – Now you can..”

I read about this back in January ( and was instantly interested because it looked so cool – plus the ability to strip clothes from the picture of a model with your iPhone naturally grabbed my attention 🙂


I was lucky enough today to meet Paul Gleb (VP Mobile) and the team at Razorfish in their London offices for a live demo.  Building on Microsoft’s Surface Platform, Amnesia Connect allows seamless and visual sharing between Surface and mobile/tablet devices with a very natural feel.  You can literally see-through your device to Surface and share rich media content with a flick of a finger.  Simplistically it’s very much like the iPhone App ‘Bump’ but on a much more interactive level allowing 2-way interaction throughout from the user.  The ability to move, zoom in, zoom out is very iPhone  esq and feels very natural to use.  The ability to interact with an image via a separate device (Like the Model example in the video) is also something that I haven’t seen in action before.  This interaction possibility could in the future offer a plethora  of options for Marketers to enable consumers to interact directly with Brand advertisements, and give the ability to take-away Brand ‘gifts’ for use later from their personal device.

The technology will leverage Near Field Communication(NFC) once it is released across all major smart phones (late 2011 – Android, Iphone 5, etc); the demo is currently using WiFi technology to enable the connection and positioning.  Plus the MS Surface unit it still housed within a large unit (resembling a table) currently, although the team suggest that this will be delivered using a much smaller unit and effectively  take the form of a table topper in the near future.

Opportunities that immediately sprang mind whilst seeing this in action was that once the technology is small enough it could form point-of-sale shelf material for products.  Potentially allowing a shopper to see brand adverts, product information, etc.  Building on this, particularly for food brands this could deliver related recipes for example.  The key point here is that using the Connect technology the shopper would be able to take home the material on their personal device for review later – all driven through a very user friendly, non intrusive, seamless interface.

On top of the mobile connectivity the team showcased a solution that they developed for Grey Goose Vodka and Barcardi in a London Mayfair club.  This was driven by using a special card that is placed on the surface device which then displays the cocktail menu and lets the drinkers interact with it.  From this the user could potentially order drinks, share picture of themselves drinking their favourite cocktails via social sites or pay their bill.

Some example pictures are below:

I’ll be keeping track of the developments @razorfishee and working with my Media Team to see how Brand team could potential leverage this type of technology further in the future.  To find out more and keep track of further developments also you can checkout:

Pufferfish Displays:

I also met this week with Pufferfish, an Edinburgh based company that are developing new platforms for displaying digital content outside of the usual confines of a flat screen.  The Puffersphere allows 360° projection of media, allowing real-time media to be showcased in a very eye-catching way – for example a twitter feed or uploaded pictures projected across a 360° sphere.

Check out the video below:


They already have successes across Coldplay’s World Tour last year and a series of brand launches; they are now building on their ‘Interactive’ series which could offer some very interesting possibilities.

If you have an event coming up or would like to find out more check out the following pages: (Account Manager – Kristian Biggs)

– Chris (Train back up North)