Starbuck was earlier this week crowned ‘Mobile Marketer of 2010’ to no surprise.  Through out the year I’ve read masses of articles announcing Starbucks are trying out a new mobile feature before anyone else, in bid to further solidify their (already very loyal) customers loyalty.  Some of the highlights for me are below:

  • Location based, targeted coupons using a ‘geofenced’ opt-in service where if you are within a certain radius of a store you receive a money off voucher.  Resulting in driving more footfall into store and attracting new customers.

  • Starbucks Card Mobile Application:

Lets be honest – who wants to carry around yet another card?  Last weekend I was in my local Costa and was offered a loyalty card, obliged as not to be rude, but immediately checked for an app.  Not one to be seen…. So the card stayed on the table in the shop.  Missed brand loyalty there and then for Costa (and loyalty points for me).

Coffee drinking is a new thing to me but I read so much about Starbucks’ mobile loyalty card that I naturally presumed that it was live in the UK and was surprised to learn that it isn’t!  Nice to be ahead of the curve 🙂

Starbuck’s mobile card application trial has been a big success in the U.S from when it was launched in May’10 – albeit it over only a small amount of outlets.  Recently a larger launch in NYC.  I’m presuming there are cash register challenges to overcome for scanning the barcodes and managing payment.  Always a challenge with innovation, changing the legacy hardware that gets forgotten about when conceptualising cool marketing concepts.  Their approach of introducing into a controlled, manageable perimeter (i.e. a city) rings true personally with a consumer facing project I am currently working on.

“New York City provides a concentrated group of stores in an important market for us and our customers there are tech-savvy and on-the-go, so it was an ideal place to take mobile payment next,”

Off out for coffee..

Chris (Home)